Scams that rocked the world

Year of Century for Common Man & Media Documents of Interest

Greed for Information and Investiagtive Journalism--the keys to sucessful exposures.

Scam-thudded year brings transparrency and relief

The year started with an employee of National Bank of Principality of Leichtestine defecting with a CD; selling it over to the German Tax Authorities. The CD contained 1600 bank account details of various nationals who had siphoned off black money from their respective nations.

The German Authorities intimated the concerned nations asking them to Express Interest in procurring the CD. United States was the only one to respond and got handsome results. The accounts of many Americans were sealed.

Information Act of USA and crusader who commenced the trend

One Ms. Amrit Singh; an American national of Indian origin obtained info under Freedom of Information Act regarding the US atrocities in Iraq and attempts by C.I.A. to supress the info. She wrote a book titled "Misadministration" releasing the info received from US administration.

Subesquently India came up with the Right to Information Act to ensure transparrency in the working of state

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Anywhere in the world you may be; post your tips/info on whatever is anti-social/anti-national; whether committed by private or by State; post it on the email address. Results are assured without any sabotage.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange

Julian Assange; the Swedish national created WikiLeaks with intention to provide a passage for transparrency in the functioning of administartions across the globe. An American soldier, posted in Iraq; got the data downloaded frm the U.S. State admin site and uploaded to the Wiki. Julian used it for public elfare. It is a milestone in the human history as crucial as the one set by Neil Armstrong and Uri Gargarin.

We are is the wonder of the world today. Exploit maximum out of it. Post whatever you can lay your hands on. Especially, government officers of all departments can contribute by posting the data to Wiki. A great public service can be attained by exposing the dirt of the State across the globe.